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23-24 Bus Information and Key Dates

Bus Information
Transportation is working hard to assign buses to all students who registered for transportation services. Please see the key dates below regarding the bus assignment timeline. 

Date student registered for the bus
(Registered means the student has been entered in PowerSchool and requested transportation via the ’2023-24 Intent-to-Ride’ by 6:00 PM on August 1.)
Date bus stop will be assigned
On or Before AUGUST 1st Should have a stop Monday, Aug. 28 (The first day of school)
August 2 - August 24 Should have a stop Tuesday, Aug. 29
August 25 - August 29 Should have a stop Thursday, Aug.31
August 30 - August 31 Should have a stop Wednesday, Sept.6
September 1 or later Assigned by the Harding Transportation area and take up to 4 t0 5 business days.

**Remember, it may take several weeks to process alternate stops/daycare stops at the beginning of the school year.