Student Discipline and Behavior Support

  • Student Discipline and Behavior Support Department (located on the former Bishop Spaugh Community Academy campus) provides programs and services for students who have specific needs that have not been met in a traditional educational setting.  In addition, the department provides services and strategies to facilitate a safe and orderly school environment. We help prepare students behaviorally for academic success.

    Examples that clarify our purpose: 

    • Manage or modify student behavior
    • Rehabilitate students to re-enter the mainstream
    • Access and utilize student learning styles and communicate to the  home school
    • Identify/diagnose problems/needs of students
    • Facilitate an effective learning environment for students who have violated rules in the code of student conduct
    • Provide alternatives for students who have violated rules in the code of student conduct
    • Allow students who have displayed behavioral issues to progress academically

Disciplinary Data Collection

  • Disciplinary data collection is performed because each year, the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) requires schools to complete the North Carolina Disciplinary Data Collection Form for out of school suspensions and offenses of school crime and violence.  State laws require that out of school suspensions and law violations are reported to the State Board of Education. Principals must document acts of disruption, crime, and violence on their school property or at school-sponsored events. School administrators report into an internet database, PowerSchool, the number of offenses that result in school-based consequences, in-school suspensions, and out of school suspensions, including the number of acts of crime and violence that occur on their school campus or at school events.

Hearing Office

  • The Hearing Office operates as a branch of the Student Discipline and Behavior Support (SDBS) Department and is assigned duties that relate to the design, planning, implementation, facilitation, and evaluation of the student discipline process within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) and the community. 

    This includes coordinating the due process procedures and conducting due process hearings for students who violate the school system's Student Code of Student Conduct.

Restorative Practices

  • ​"Restorative practices are processes that proactively build healthy relationships and a sense of community to prevent and address conflict and wrongdoing. " The Schott Foundation


    Professional Development / Training Solutions


  • My student was suspended from school. What are my options?

  • I thought students could only be suspended for up to ten days. What are the circumstances for a student receiving a long-term suspension?

  • What happens when a student receives a long-term suspension (10 or more days)?

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