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  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) provides academic instruction, rigor and support to students each school day throughout the cities and towns of Mecklenburg County. CMS is proud of its diverse mix of students representing 183 different countries and various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. In addition, CMS offers an extensive range of magnet programs in our schools to nurture students' talents who have interest and ability in specific areas. CMS also educates, supports and meets the needs of students with learning and physical disabilities.

    What Makes CMS Special

    We want every student, parent, caregiver, visitor and fellow employee to feel welcomed, included, valued and appreciated every day. Consistently delivering this experience starts with every CMS employee – from every teacher, bus driver, cafeteria worker, counselor and engineer to every principal, administrative assistant, central office staff member and executive team member, including the superintendent.

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  • 184 Schools
  • 141,456 Students
  • 20,306 Employees

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