Arts Education

  • Arts is a collective term that denotes learning in music, dance, theater, and visual arts. The Arts department supports more than 650 dance, music, theater, and visual arts teachers in its K-12 Visual and Performing Arts program. Approximately 100,000 students district-wide are involved in arts instruction.

    Studying the arts improves communication skills, helps students learn the cooperation essential for today's workplace, teaches sensitivity to cultural differences, and develops a more positive self-concept. In addition, arts education builds the skills businesses need in their employees.

    CMS arts educators are degreed, certified and highly qualified. Our teachers follow the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for dance, music, theater or visual arts and focus on processes, skills and techniques, complex problem-solving, higher-order thinking skills and connections to other curricula.

    Partnerships between the visual and performing arts department and community arts organizations allow visiting artists to share their expertise and experience in the classroom. 

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  • Why Study the Arts?