School Leadership Opportunities

  • Gone are the days when principals and assistant principals acted as pure administrators. School leaders are now more properly defined as chief executives, with all the responsibilities and accountability. Nowhere is the leadership role more significant than in a large urban school district. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has already made great strides in strengthening its school leadership. Still, we need to ensure a continuous supply of effective leaders. In partnership with the Wallace Foundation, CMS is committed to hiring, retaining, and supporting effective leaders. We firmly believe that great leadership combined with great teaching is the key to great student achievement.

    Talent Pools

    Principal and Assistant Principals

    In preparation for anticipated vacancies, CMS maintains a pool of potential candidates who have demonstrated their qualifications for principal and/or assistant principal roles through a rigorous talent pool selection process. When a new principal or assistant principal vacancy is confirmed, candidates in the Principal and Assistant Principal Talent Pools will be invited to apply. In addition, current CMS principals and assistant principals are automatically considered candidates of their respective talent pool and are eligible for open positions.

    Our commitment is to have a transparent selection process and respect the profession of a CMS principal. Therefore, we have designed our process to provide applicants with the opportunity to demonstrate their qualifications as they relate to what is required on the job. Candidates are permitted to apply once each academic year.

    School Executive Talent Pool Website

    Partner Organizations

    Teacher-Leader Talent Pool

    The CMS Teacher-Leader Pathway provides an advanced career path for excellent teachers. These advanced roles allow teacher-leaders to reach more students, support more teachers, and advance in their careers while earning more for additional instructional responsibilities. Teacher-Leader status includes access to exclusive professional development opportunities and resources to aid in further development, honing instructional practices, and leadership abilities. More than half of schools in CMS are now designated as Teacher-Leader Pathway sites. Educators that take on these roles can earn up to $18,250 per year in addition to their base salary!

     To find out more about the Teacher-Leader Pathway and how to apply, visit us at