2023-24 CMS Student Engagement Survey

  • CMS Student Engagement Survey

    Our schools are strongest when we listen to stakeholders, including students. That’s why we’re asking students in grades 5-13 to participate in our Student Engagement Survey. The survey asks for feedback on school climate, safety, and self-efficacy. The survey will be administered to all students on April 19, with an optional makeup day on April 22. 

    Schools are required to administer the survey to meet federal requirements. The survey questions have been vetted and comply with all state legislation. Student participation is entirely voluntary, and students may opt-out at any time without penalty.  Thank you for your support in gathering feedback from our students.

    2023-24 Student Engagement Survey - English 

    2023-24 Student Engagement Survey - Spanish

Student Engagement Survey FAQs

  • Wasn’t this one of the opt-in surveys listed on your website at the beginning of the year?

  • May I opt my student out?

  • When will you administer the survey?

  • Will teachers or staff know my student’s responses?

CMS Magnet Survey

  • Magnet survey

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg families, we are reaching out to learn about your experiences exploring and selecting Magnet schools and programs. We invite you to participate in a survey and share your valuable thoughts. This survey will help our district understand why families are interested in Magnet programs and the reasons that influence their consideration of alternative options. The survey will be open from Tuesday, March 26th, through Friday, April 12th, and close at 11 p.m. on April 12th. Thank you.

    Magnet Schools Survey