Brand Identity

  • The CMS brand guidelines were created to empower and inspire our students, families, staff and community.

    • Simple designs make information more accessible and easier to understand.
    • Bright colors invite curiosity and reflect our district's diversity.
    • Consistent standards create a shared CMS identity and culture.

    Our new brand guidelines are a part of our ongoing efforts to help build equity in our schools through the power of communications.

    Our brand is committed to supporting the vision of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Our brand leads the community in educational excellence and inspires intellectual curiosity, creativity, and achievements so that all students reach their full potential.

    Our brand refresh was built with intention and careful consideration. In a market as large and competitive as the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district, it is important to maintain a visual connection to our previous brand. The strongest part of the district's brand equity, the lowercase cms, has been retained in the refresh. As the district moves forward with work like our 2024 Strategic Plan, What Matters Most, we strive to build a brand for the next generation.

    Our brand is underpinned with a color palette designed to be fresh, modern and distinctive. These guidelines have been created to help our staff, teachers, students, partners, outside vendors, and other third parties understand how to use CMS brand features correctly, including the CMS logo.

    Brand Guidelines


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