Elementary TD Catalyst

  • Overarching Goals of the TD Catalyst Model

    Academically and Intellectually Gifted (AIG) and advanced learners are served through the Elementary Talent Development (TD) Catalyst Model. The overall goal of the TD Catalyst Model is to provide inclusive services for gifted and advanced learners to best support their growth, academic achievement, and social-emotional needs. Gifted education is a shared responsibility between AIG teachers and classroom teachers.

    This inclusive framework is implemented at each CMS elementary school.

    Core Components of the TD Catalyst Model

    • Collaboration: AIG Teachers, administrators, classroom teachers, counselors, parents, and other staff collaborate to develop a shared vision and meet the diverse academic, intellectual, social, and emotional needs of gifted and advanced students.
    • Planning: Planning occurs between AIG Teachers and classroom teachers to ensure gifted and advanced learners are appropriately challenged through consistent use of gifted resources & strategies.
    • Instruction:  AIG Teachers provide instruction through co-teaching and/or working with small groups within classrooms. Classroom teachers utilize provided resources and strategies.
    • Professional Development: AIG Teachers engage with consistent professional development through Advanced Studies. Classroom teachers engage in job-embedded PD through modeling, co-teaching, and on-site and off-site sessions.
    • ComplianceAIG Teachers lead and manage gifted identification and screening processes and complete all compliance items required by the state and district. 
    • Communication: Consistent communication is provided for all stakeholders to share opportunities, procedures, events, and updates about gifted education.

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