Transfer Requests

  • Transfer Requests

    Our reassignment/transfer process allows students to request a change in their assigned school within the district. We aim to accommodate transfer requests when possible; however, approval is not guaranteed. Students are only guaranteed placement at their assigned school, based on their home address, and must register at this school before applying for reassignments or transfers.

    If you wish to transfer your child to a school for specific reasons, such as medical or health conditions, extreme hardships, or other considerations, you can explore the transfer options listed below. The process involves completing an application form and providing necessary documents by the specified deadlines. Reassignment/transfer requests are evaluated based on factors like space availability, program compatibility, and district guidelines.

    Note: Transportation is only provided if your request is to your home school, a magnet, CTE and/or other school option program that serves your transportation zone.

How to request a transfer:

Step 1:

  • Step 1: Review guidelines for reassignment/transfer requests and listing of closed schools for reassignment.
    Reassignment/Transfer Request Guidelines

Step 2:

  • Step 2: Begin your application
    Begin my application

    1. You will need your student’s ID and pin number to proceed with the application which can be provided by your current school or the Student Placement office. Complete all required fields and upload all supporting documentation for review.