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    The Facilities Planning and Real Estate Department's (FP&RE) mission is to provide project and process management services that address the facilities needs of the students, staff, and citizens served by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS). The Facilities Planning and Real Estate Department addresses these facilities' needs by providing comprehensive and effective short, mid, and long-range facility planning. Specifically, FP&RE is responsible for creating and maintaining the ten-year Capital Needs Assessment (CNA), in addition to management oversight for all real estate transactions, construction projects, and CMS facility design and construction standards. We accomplish this mission by:

    • Developing the ten-year Capital Needs Assessment (CNA).
    • Comprehensive management oversight of CMS' construction projects.
    • Developing and maintaining industry-leading facility design standards.
    • Effective management of operational capital projects.
    • Maintaining short-term facility space planning and programming guidelines.
    • Estimating the anticipated projected cost of future facilities.
    • Communicating the current and future capital needs to CMS leadership.
    • Acquiring land needed to meet current and future capital facility needs.
    • Continuously maintaining and updating CMS' real estate inventory.

    The Facilities Planning & Real Estate Department is comprised of both the  Architecture, Campus Planning & Design Team and the Real Estate Team. Please visit each teams' web page for additional information. We also work closely with Capital Program Services and Planning Services.

    The Real Estate Team is responsible for aggressively acquiring the land or buildings needed to meet the growing school and facility needs of the district; managing the leasing of land or facilities from or to CMS; continuously maintaining and updating the inventory of existing real estate, and seeking joint planning and usage opportunities.

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