High School World Languages

  • CMS World Language Programs cultivate globally competent students through intentional learning pathways that will allow students to develop linguistic and intercultural communicative competencies. This includes pathways for heritage speakers and former dual language/immersion students to develop, maintain, and enhance their heritage or immersion language proficiency.

    CMS World Language Curriculum

    CMS World Language Programs employ a curriculum based on the ACTFL and NCDPI standards and thematic units, with clearly defined proficiency targets, which provide scaffolded language learning experiences and opportunities for students to interact with authentic sources in the target language. In addition, students may choose to continue through Cambridge, IB or A.P. pathways for advanced language study. 

    There may be additional unique offerings at North Mecklenburg High School or South Mecklenburg High School, both World Language Magnet Programs. In addition, students who have completed all levels of advanced language at their school may also be interested in continuing their language studies through the UNCC High Flyers Program, which the CMS Advanced Studies Office manages.

    What will my student be able to do at the end of each World Language course? Click on one of the three links below to see the minimum expectations for the end of each course. Classical Languages includes Latin K-12, DL/I and Heritage includes all Dual Language/Immersion programs and Spanish for Native Speakers pathways. Modern Languages includes non-immersion pathways for every language other than Latin, starting with non-immersion K-8 Exploratory.

    The Global Languages Endorsement, North Carolina's Seal of Biliteracy, is an opportunity for students to show their multiliteracy in English and at least one World Language. Students may add as many World Languages as they qualify to a Global Languages Endorsement on their diploma. 

    The Global Languages Endorsement has been available since the 2014 - 2015 school year or starting with the Class of 2015.

    Languages Offered in grades 9-12

    Currently, the following languages are offered in grades 9-12 in CMS. Language offerings will vary by school, based on staffing:

    • American Sign Language
    • Arabic
    • Chinese
    • French
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Latin
    • Spanish
    • Spanish for Native Speakers

    NCVPS also offers additional languages. Please ask your school's counselor about these options.


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