• Frequently Asked Questions

    What score does my student(s) need to exit the ML program?

    • A student exits ML status when they score a 4.8 or higher on their composite proficiency level on their ACCESS screening tests (containing listening, reading, writing, and speaking components).  

    How do you become an ML student?

    • The ML label is determined through screener testing process. Students take the screener based on answers given on the Home Language Survey in the Enrollment Packet.

    Why is attendance so important?

    • Students are far more likely to build skills, progress, and succeed in academics when they attend school regularly. Consistent attendance at school means:
    • a reduced risk of dropping out of school
    • improved academic performance
    • higher chances of graduating, becoming employed, getting into college
    • aids in mental and physical development
    • increased confidence
  • Multilingual Learner Fast Facts
  • Ideas and Tips for Families

    1. Practice using a thesaurus to make your writing more specific.
    2. Encourage parents to be interested in what their student is reading and writing about. Celebrate work completed.
    3. Talk about new words they have learned throughout their day
    4. Encourage families write stories together
    5. Encourage students to write in a diary
    6. Play word games- scrabble, wordle, crosswords, etc.
    7. Read stories and notice how writing is organized.
    8. Send out a monthly newsletter about reading and writing tips for parents
    9. Add details such as the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why), adjectives to describe the 5 senses (hearing, smelling, seeing, touching, tasting), or dialogue to their writing.
    10. Add prepositional phrases to sentences using a preposition.
    11. Connect two simpler ideas with a conjunction.