• Elementary math builds a strong foundation of mathematical understanding that will be applied in later grades. Students develop number sense and fluency with operations using conceptual models. They develop an understanding of properties of operations and apply the properties to problem-solving. Students in elementary grades also develop an understanding of shapes and their properties, as well as collecting and representing data in various ways. They will apply what they learn in elementary mathematics to middle school mathematics and beyond. The Standards for Mathematical Practice are habits that help students develop a sense of ownership and proficiency as they engage in mathematics learning.

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  • enVision Math [PDF]

    enVision Math engages students in actively using concrete and digital tools to develop deep mathematics understanding and apply this understanding through practice and problem-solving in every math lesson. In addition, students learn and practice new math ideas and concepts in a variety of ways, such as:

    • Solving problems and explaining their thinking in a write-in text and online.
    • Using online animations to help visually build understanding.
    • Working individually, in pairs, and in small groups to solve problems and share their thinking.
    • Completing homework promotes conceptual thinking, fluency, and application through rich problem-solving.
    • Engaging in online practice that provides help as needed through worked-out examples and self-help videos.
    • Experiencing a variety of math activities that include Math Games, Math and Science Activities, and Today's Challenge to apply understanding in different contexts and levels of learning.

    enVision Math Family Communication

    enVision's Home-School Connection family letters provide an overview of each topic (unit). They are available in English and Spanish and in digital and print formats.