Dual Language, Immersion and World Languages

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    Some of our elementary World Languages programs follow the FLEX (Foreign Language in the Elementary School - Exploratory) model. This is a term often used to describe world language instruction in grades K-5. Students study one language with a systematic development of language abilities and cultural awareness. With our focus on speaking and listening skills, K-5 students in this program learn how to express themselves in new ways. According to Gladys Lipton, Director of the National FLES* Institute, here are a few reasons why this program model benefits our students:

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    • Children enjoy learning a new language and are curious about customs in other countries.
    • By starting second language study early, children develop an intelligent understanding of language concepts, which will help in learning additional languages.
    • Children's exposure to world languages helps them develop an openness to other people and other ways of life.
    • Children who have studied a foreign language in elementary school achieve expected gains and have even higher scores on standardized tests in reading, language arts, and mathematics than those who have not (Lipton 1979; Masciantonio 1977; Rafferty 1986; McCaig 1988).

    The ABCs of Elementary School Foreign Language Programs: A Guide for Parents

    The FLEX program is currently offered at the following CMS elementary schools:

    • Blythe Elementary
    • Billingsville and Cotswold Elementaries
    • Charlotte East Language Academy (non-immersion students)
    • Dilworth Elementary: Latta and Sedgefield Campuses
    • Huntingtowne Farms Elementary (non-immersion students)
    • Irwin Ave. Elementary
    • Lansdowne Elementary
    • Marie G. Davis K-8
    • Rea Farms K-8
    • Statesville Rd. Elementary

    Some of our other schools offer Dual Language/Immersion Programs (DL/I). These programs deliver grade-level content in the target language, with some content taught in English. The goal of these programs is to develop bilingual, bi-literate and multicultural students. For more information about DL/I programs in North Carolina, please visit this site from NCDPI: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction DL/I Site.

    We currently offer one-way immersion programs in Chinese, French, German and Japanese at the South Academy of International Languages (SAIL).

    The North Academy of World Languages opened in August 2021. This school offers one-way immersion in Chinese, French, and German, starting with K-1 in August 2021, language exploratory (FLEX) in grades 2-5, and high school credit World Language courses in grades 6-8. 

    We have six two-way Spanish dual-language programs at these schools:

    What will my student be able to do at the end of each World Language course or program? Click on one of the three links below to see the minimum expectations for the end of each course or program.

    Classical Languages includes Latin K-12, DL/I and Heritage includes all Dual Language/Immersion programs and Spanish for Native Speakers pathways, and Modern Languages includes non-immersion pathways for every language other than Latin, starting with non-immersion K-8 Exploratory.

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