Immunizations and Health Assessments

  • Immunizations

    Required Immunizations/Vaccines

    In compliance with North Carolina law (General Statute 130A-152-157), parents/guardians must present certification of the required immunizations at the age required by law on or before the first day a student enters school. Any religious exemptions must be presented in writing to the school. Medical exemptions must be completed by a physician and state the basis for the exemption.

    Most immunizations are due when a student enters kindergarten. Additional immunizations are required upon entry into 7th grade and 12th grade. A list of required immunizations is provided in the Notice of Requirements SY documents.

    Physical Exams/Health Assessments

    Any student new to NC public schools must present a physical documented on the Health Assessment Transmittal Form. The health assessment must have been completed within 12 months before the date the child was eligible to enroll. (General Statute 130A-440; 10A NCAC09.3005)


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