Virtual Clinics

  • Atrium Health and Bank of America have partnered to establish “Meaningful Medicine,” a program uniting the best innovations within health care, social impact and workforce development to directly target health equity and economic mobility goals within Charlotte. In partnership with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS), Mecklenburg County, Central Piedmont Community College and YMCA of Greater Charlotte, Atrium Health’s Meaningful Medicine program will support CMS students at Title I schools and expand opportunities for economically underprivileged CMS graduates to attain health care careers with family-supporting wages. Additionally, the program will provide the most vulnerable in the community with embedded health support systems, including convenient access to new virtual health care sites.

    School-Based Virtual Care couldn’t be easier!


Informational Video


Step 1: Request a visit.

  • Your child can request a video visit by telling a leader on-site – like a school nurse – when they aren’t feeling well.

    Once a visit has been requested, an Atrium Health medical professional will arrive to start the medical evaluation. You’ll be contacted for consent and invited to join by video or phone call.

Step 2: Start the visit.

  • Appointments are held in a private, secure space within the School-Based Virtual Care location.

    The medical professional connects your child by video to an Atrium Health Levine Children’s provider. The provider uses special technology, called digital diagnostic technology, to perform a virtual examination. The exam includes listening to your child’s heart and lungs and looking at their ears and throat.

Step 3: Get back to your day!

  • At the end of the visit, the provider delivers a diagnosis and treatment plan. If needed, lab testing can be completed at the School-Based Virtual Care location and prescriptions can be sent to your preferred pharmacy. With your permission, we can send notes from your child’s visit to their primary care doctor. If they don’t have a doctor, we can help you find one.

    If the condition is minor and not contagious, you and your child can get back to school, work and your daily activities.


  • School-Based Virtual Care provides care for minor conditions – similar to what you’d go to an urgent care or pediatrician for. Some locations also offer mental health services.

Additional Information

  • List of Common Conditions Treated

  • List of Schools Participating in the Program

  • Community-Based Virtual Care Sites