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Child Find & Accessing EC Services: Non-CMS

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is responsible for locating, identifying and evaluating students with disabilities who are enrolled in private schools and registered home schools.

What is the first step for families?

  • Concerned parents of school-aged students enrolled in a parentally-placed private/home school should contact the school to which the student would be assigned if enrolled in CMS or the Exceptional Children Program at 980-343-6960 or (Information obtained will be forwarded to the student's home school).
  • Students may contact their home school or the Exceptional Children Program once they reach age 18, the age of majority in the State of North Carolina, because the ability to make educational decisions and procedural safeguards transfer to them at that time (unless a guardian has been appointed to represent the student). 
  • Parents of preschool-aged students should contact the Preschool Exceptional Children Intake telephone line at 980-343-2720.

What happens next?

  • The Individualized Education Program (IEP) team meets with the parents and/or students to discuss concerns and potential next steps. 
  • If the team suspects a disability and determines an evaluation is needed, written permission for testing is obtained. Then, the team pulls together any already completed test reports and conducts a comprehensive assessment that follows federal and state guidelines. 
  • The IEP team schedules a meeting with the parents and/or student to discuss the evaluation results and determine whether the student is eligible to receive special education and related services.
  • If the student is eligible,an IEP and/or private schools services plan (PSSP) will be developed, so the parent and/or student can make an informed decision about services provided in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS).

Parents with additional questions about the Child Find Process in private and home schools should contact

  • Neva Butler, Administrative Specialist, via email at or via phone at 980-343-2686 (school-aged)
  • Monique Luckey, Preschool Child Find Advocate, via email at or via phone at 980-343-2772 (preschool-aged)

Home School/Private School Notification of Services

Programs for Exceptional Children have a duty under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) to seek out and evaluate students suspected of having educational disabilities and provide appropriate services. After soliciting suggestions about the service needs for students enrolled in private, parochial, and home schools for the current school year, it was determined that speech-language therapy would be provided to students whose primary disability is Speech-Language Impaired. In addition, students who meet eligibility criteria under a different category but who require speech-language therapy as a related service will receive speech-language therapy. Speech-Language therapy is provided in the students' school settings by contracted and licensed providers and includes regular consultation with each student's general education teacher. Services will continue until the current year's proportionate share of federal funds set aside for this purpose has been exhausted.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Neva Butler, Administrative Manager, at 980-343-2686 or