• CMS is a 1:1 Technology Device school district.  Each school is provided with enough devices to assign each student one device to access learning and resources.

    All students in elementary school are assigned a device.  Currently, elementary students (PreK-5th) do not take devices home.  All students are assigned a device and the device stays at the school with the teacher each day.  Students in grades K-2nd are assigned iPads and students in grades 3rd-5th are assigned Chromebooks. 

    At the middle and high school level, all students are assigned a Chromebook for the whole school year.  Students are responsible for bringing the device to school each day fully charged and will hold on to the device throughout the school day for all assigned classes.  Students from 6th grade to 12th grade, and early college students, take their devices home each day to access learning materials they need to study or complete assignments.

    For more information on how students receive devices or use devices during the school day, please contact your school. 

    Grade Levels that take home technology devices:

    Early College

    **Only various elementary pilot schools allow 4th and 5th grade students to take home devices.

    Grade Levels that are assigned Chromebooks:

    Early College

    Grade Levels that are assigned iPads:


    Grade Levels that are required to return devices at the end of the school year:

    K-8th, 12th

    Grade Levels that may hold onto their assigned devices during the summer until the next school year.

    ***Must return to the school if withdrawing from CMS during the summer.