• The following information comes from the CMS Student Technology Agreement.



    • Handle devices properly to prevent breakage, damage, or malfunction.

    • Maintain devices by using them regularly for learning and keeping them clean.

    • Logout, secure, and store away CMS devices when not in use.

    • Only use CMS provided charging adapter(s) to charge the devices.

    • Abide by the expectations listed in CMS Board Policy (Policy IJNDB-R) for Acceptable Use of Internet and Websites.

    • Read and sign the Parent-Student Handbook, Code of Student Conduct, and Student Forms documents for this school year to understand all policies and expectations not explicitly covered in this agreement.

    • Return all technology and pay any fees if withdrawing from CMS at any time.



    • Operate or place CMS devices near food or liquids.

    • Engage in illegal or prohibited conduct of any kind. This includes visiting inappropriate websites for social, gaming, explicit, or academic dishonesty purposes.

    • Leave assigned technology unattended or in the supervision of someone that is not the designated student.

    • Copy, modify, remove, or replace CMS software, configuration, or the operating system (i.e. hack or jailbreak the system).

    • Remove, edit, or apply any stickers or labels on any CMS device.

    • Under no circumstances, attempt to or allow anyone other than CMS staff to fix or repair the equipment.