Clubs & Activities

  • The clubs and activities function, as a natural extensions of the core curriculum, provides an opportunity for students to use those critical thinking skills learned in the classroom to increase academic achievement. We are committed to establishing an all-inclusive, comprehensive program, providing access to students of all grade levels and all ethnic and economic groups. We support the pursuit of excellence for 100% of our students.

    Academic Competitions

    There are several different types of academic competitions. These include but are not limited to local, regional, state, nation and world competitions. It is very exciting and beneficial for students to participate in these competitions. However, the cost of competitions can be difficult for competing teams and schools; therefore, sponsors are encouraged to plan and consider alternate funding sources. PTA, corporate and local business sponsors. Some funding support is available for national competitions; however, this funding is limited and granted upon request from the school principal and is not guaranteed. Local, state, regional and other competition costs are the responsibility of each school club.

    All clubs attending competitions must follow the proper CMS procedures for student travel, chaperones, absences, substitutes and travel procedures. These procedures require the school principal's approval, and several require additional regional approval depending on the request.

    Standard Activities

    In the 1999-00 school year, the Co-Curricular Activities Project Charter was established to create a comprehensive co-curricular program that provides access to all grade levels and increases the percentage of all racial and economic groups participating. With this system in place, the activities would be monitored for participation to determine if they supported the students' needs. The intent was to establish these programs as a natural extension of the school day to focus on acceleration and academic achievement.

    The standards for Co-Curricular Activities were established. Debate was implemented at every high school and was funded. Professional development was offered, and quarterly inservice for specified activity sponsors has been instituted. Administrators completed surveys at every school to determine what co-curricular activities were established during the past three years. A budget was developed to establish co-curricular activities based on targets in the CMS Balanced Scorecard.

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