• Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) offers students the opportunity to request placement in a different school/program through the Request for Reassignment/Transfer process.

    Reassignment and transfer are different processes offered by our department. Requests are not accepted by schools on the Closed Schools List

    During the current school year, reassignment requests will be processed within 10 business days of receipt.  

    NOTE: Reassignment requests pertain to students who are newly enrolled in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. Transfer requests are for students currently enrolled in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. The 10-day reassignment request timeline is only for the current school year. If your reassignment/transfer request is for the next school year, please see the key dates below:



    Reassignment/ Transfer Form Links



    Transportation is only guaranteed if the request is to the student's home school or a magnet, Career & Technical Education(CTE), or school option program that serves the student's transportation zone.

    For a request based on allegations of bullying, the parents/legal guardian must provide the following:

    • Documentation that the bullying incidents which are the basis of the transfer request have been reported to the principal (or another appropriate staff person) at the current school.
    • Documentation confirming a face-to-face meeting between the parents/student and the principal of the current school to discuss the bullying report.
    • A description of interventions developed to prevent bullying from recurring and details on how they have been implemented.
    • Documentation of bullying occurrences after the implementation of the interventions by the current school.

    ONLY emergency transfers with extenuating circumstances and documentation and medical requests will be processed after July 15th and, if processed, will be processed at the end of the first quarter for the start of the second quarter or processed at the end of the second quarter for the start of the third academic quarter.

    Please contact a Student Placement Specialist if you have questions.


    2024-2025 Key Dates

    Choice Lottery

    September 12, 2023 – November 13, 2023

    New student online registration period for the district’s only lottery

    November 1,2023- December 13, 2023. 


    Current CMS students will receive their Student Assignment Notification letters in time to participate in the 23-24 Choice Lottery

    November 27, 2023- December 29, 2023

    Application period for the Choice Lottery

    Early January 2024

    Lottery notification letters for the Choice Lottery will be sent

    Additional Information:

    • Students registered for 24-25SY (students who are not currently attending a CMS school) will receive their Student Assignment Notification letter beginning in late October 2023.  



    Reassignment & Transfer Period

    February 1, 2024 - February 19, 2024

    Request for Reassignment Period for the district


    February 1, 2024 -July 15, 2024 

    Request for Transfer period to receive an answer by the start of school

    Additional Information:

    • Students new to CMS, re-registering, or current CMS students can apply to schools not listed on the Superintendent’s Closed School list.  An application does not guarantee approval.


    • December 11, 2023 – June 3, 2024The district will continue to receive and process future online registration applications for home school placement for the 2024-2025 school year.



    • After June 3, 2024, any submitted registrations will be processed by the home school starting the second week in July 2024.