• PayPams Information

    Parents are encouraged to place money on their student's account in advance. Advance payment allows the cafeteria to provide the most efficient service to all customers.

    Money may be placed in your student's account for the convenience of purchasing extra items for students.

    You may send cash, personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks, or make payments online.

    Include the following information with your payment:

    • Student's full name
    • Personal identification number (PIN)
    • Teacher's name

    If paying for more than one student, please list all student names, PINs and teacher names.

    PAMS (Parent Account Management System) online payment service

    There is no cost to you to pay on line, check account balances or view purchase history.

    Signing up for PAYPAMS


    Step 1: Register with PAMS: Click on the PayPams image above or go to paypams.com. You can also call 1-877-726-7586.

    Step 2: Choose your Payment Options: Make manual payments at your convenience or set up automatic payments.

    Step 3: Make a Payment: Pay by credit or VISA logo debit card. You will receive an immediate confirmation that your payment has been received. (Payments take 24 to 48 hours to post to your student’s account at his/her school cafeteria.)


    Refunds on Closed Accounts
    Parents of students leaving CMS have up to 90 days to request a refund of money on account or have it transferred to another CMS student. Amounts less than $5 will be transferred, upon request, to another CMS student account but not refunded. Contact the School Nutrition Services office at (980) 343-6041 to request a refund or transfer of money on account.


    Purchase Adjustments / 30 Day Limit

    School Nutition Services (SNS) offers an online service to give parents access to the activity on their child's lunch account. The online service can be accessed daily to check balances and purchases made by students. Parents have the option to make payments through this service, but this is an option and is not required in order to view activity on the account. The parent/guardian has 30 days from the date a purchase is posted to dispute questionable charges to the account.

    Lunch activity may be obtained by creating an online account at www.paypams.com.