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    Ten finalists announced for 2024 student advisor


    Six juniors and four sophomores have been named finalists in the competition for the 2024 student advisor to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education. The finalists are a diverse group, coming from CMS high schools across Mecklenburg County and calling out a wide-ranging set of priorities.


    The student-advisor position was created by the Board of Education in 2016. The winner of this year’s competition will be the eighth student advisor for the Board. Under Board policy, the student advisor may advocate for students, offer opinions and ideas, and provide student perspective for Board decisions. The student advisor is not a voting member of the Board.


    The student advisor plays an important role in ensuring that we have a comprehensive perspective as we make decisions that can directly impact students, their families and classrooms,” said Stephanie Sneed, vice-chair of the Board of Education and one of the committee’s seven members. Other committee members include Board member Lenora Shipp; Danielle Belton and Ana Cunningham, the current principal and teacher of the year; Amy Farrell, the executive director of Generation Nation; a CMS student; and the executive director of government affairs for CMS.


    The student advisor will serve January through December. He or she is expected to prepare for and attend regular meetings of the Board and participate in Board discussions. The student advisor also serves as an officer of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council, the unified student advisory council for CMS, the Mecklenburg County and city of Charlotte governments, and CMS partner GenerationNation.


    All CMS students in grades nine through 12 can cast a vote. The voting period runs from Oct. 23 to Nov. 7. The winner will be announced Nov. 8.


    The finalists are:

    • Christopher Abreu, junior, West Charlotte

    • Alexis Agurs, sophomore, Independence

    • Ailen De Bonis, junior, Ardrey Kell

    • Bridget Dorgan, junior, Hopewell

    • Jayden Eda, junior, Cato

    • Nitya Garg, sophomore, Providence

    • Emma Gates, junior, East Mecklenburg

    • Chase Howard, junior, Palisades

    • Camille Satterwhite-Rambert, sophomore, North Mecklenburg

    • Jazlene Williams, sophomore, Harding 


    Who can be a candidate?

    • CMS students in grades 10-11

    • Sign up to be a candidate before September 20


    • Serve January - December 2024 as the Student Advisor to the Charlotte- Mecklenburg Board of Education (CMS school board)

    • Actively prepare for and attend school board meetings twice a month

    • Share student views on policies and decisions the board is considering

    • Serve as an officer of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council, the CMS student advisory council


    • August 28th - Sept. 20th: Candidate application open

    • Sept. 29th: Finalists announced

    • Oct. 23rd - Nov. 7th: Election (all CMS HS students can vote!)

    • Nov. 8th: Winner announced

    • Jan. 1, 2024 - Dec. 31, 2024: Student Advisor term of office