• Partnership Agreement (MOU) Process

    Welcome to our school's Partnership Program! As we strive to build meaningful relationships with business partners who share our educational goals and values, this page guides you through the process—from initial inquiry and exploring partnership opportunities on our website, to finalizing agreements. Discover how collaborating with us can benefit your organization and enhance student outcomes. 

    1. Inquiry- Initiate an inquiry phase where the school identifies potential business partners and assesses their suitability based on shared goals and values.

    2. Visit us at http://charmeckschools.org/partnerwithus and provide your information and learn about collaboration opportunities, objectives, and guidelines for prospective partners.

    3. Partnership Packet from the District- The school district sends a partnership packet to interested businesses, outlining the benefits of collaboration, expectations, and the process for establishing a partnership.

      Download the partnership packet:

      Partnership MOU Template.docx

      Example Certificate of Insurance.pdf

    4. Research and Outreach-  Following initial interest from potential partners, conduct further research to ensure alignment with educational objectives and outreach to initiate discussions.

    5. Negotiate Terms-  Collaborate with prospective partners to define the scope, roles, responsibilities, and potential contributions, culminating in the drafting of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or formal agreement.

    6. Legal Submission and Approval- Submit the finalized MOU or agreement to the legal department for review to ensure compliance with local regulations and to protect the interests of both parties. Upon approval, proceed to the implementation phase of the partnership.