• Mentoring Partnerships

Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • It all starts with the right role models, and Big Brothers Big Sisters is the place to start a relationship with one. For more than 100 years (45 in this region), Big Brothers Big Sisters has recruited, screened, matched, and supported mentoring relationships that have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people across the country. It may sound obvious, but sometimes the best place to help a child realize their potential is at school. Kids enjoy having their Bigs visit them at school, whether it’s in the classroom or on the playground. And parents know what a positive impact it makes.

    A national study found that children matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister:

    • Are more confident.
    • Are more likely to steer clear of drugs and alcohol.
    • Do better in school.
    • Get along better with their family and friends.
    • Feel better about themselves.

    Although it takes place at schools, our school-based mentoring program isn’t limited to the classroom. Of course, some Littles do talk with their Bigs about class, or do homework, or read together, but it’s perfectly fine to shoot hoops in the gym or play on the playground. At the end of the day, it’s really all about starting a friendship, providing guidance, and inspiring your Little to reach to reach his or her full potential.

    Want to be involved?

    Currently, Big Brothers Big Sisters offers Site-Based Programs at Reid Park Academy and Cornelius Elementary.

    Volunteer requirements:

    • Complete an application BBBSCC Site Based Application
    • Complete BBBS Volunteer Background Screening and provide references
    • Register in the CMS volunteer system and receive the clearance status of “Unsupervised”
    • Participate in an orientation session and complete an interview
    • Commit to seeing your Little at least 1 hour per week