Data Requests

  • Please check Resources to determine if the data you need is publicly available. Unfortunately, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) Office of Accountability will not provide publicly available data.

    CMS Employees check PowerSchool and your portal to see if the data you need is available through either of these resources.


    If you are requesting data for a research study, you must complete the research application process. If your research proposal is approved and a DSA has been signed by CMS and the researcher, you may submit a data request. Information on the research application process can be found in Conducting Research in CMS.

    All other data requests must meet both of the following criteria:

    • Requests from a CMS employee/CMS Community Partner and/or for purposes that align with the CMS goals and priorities.
    • Requests must be able to be completed in a reasonable time frame.

    Please note the following: 

    • Data may only be used for the purpose stated on the data request. The use of data for any other purpose must also be approved by the CMS Office of Accountability.
    • Data may not be shared with a third party outside of CMS unless approved by the CMS Office of Accountability. Failure to comply will result in the loss of future data request privileges.
    • Data is not provided for students whose student IDs, school IDs, or parent consent forms are not provided.
    • Files will include only CMS data. Linking to external data is the responsibility of the requester.

    Data requests for purposes outside of CMS will incur a fee. You will receive an estimate of the fee associated with your request based on the fee schedule below:

    • CMS employees – no fee
    • Individuals not employed by CMS – $100 per request
    • Research institutions - $100/hour
      An estimated number of hours will be submitted to the requestor for approval before the request is filled. Therefore, changes to the initial request may result in additional fees.
    • Official CMS community partners – no fee
    • If data is used for a research study, please complete the Research Application process. If approved, the above data fees will also apply.

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