Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability

  • The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education commits that the district will be an effective steward of our natural resources and continues to commit that the district will continue and strengthen its efforts to operate in a manner that protects and conserves our air, water, and land resources, improves the environment and promotes environmentally sound behavior, including a commitment to energy conservation and renewable energy strategies. Further, the Board will join other local and state governmental entities in promoting environmentally sound policies and practices.

    Policy O-ESS Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability provides seven environmental focus areas: 

    1. Environmental Compliance
    2. Pollution Prevention
    3. Resource Conservation and Energy Strategies​
    4. Resource Recovery
    5. Sustainable Development
    6. Sustainable Purchasing​
    7. Behavioral Change and Education​

    Revised February 28, 2017, the Board of Education directs the superintendent to make an annual report to the Board regarding progress in achieving the goals and objectives for each area, planned modifications of strategies to improve progress in meeting goals and objectives and recommendations for changes to the environmental management system or the policy. 

    The superintendent also develops a communication plan to make students, staff and the community aware of the environmental management system and in ways that can contribute to the district's stewardship of natural resources. 

    Environmental stewardship engages all stakeholders, including students, teachers, principals, our community, and CMS support staff. Our stewardship includes the involvement and promotion of environmentally sound practices through school recognition, environmental training for principals, teachers and staff, process improvements, integrating environmental science academia and student volunteer projects. In addition, we strive to achieve environmental goal settings to reduce solid waste and utility consumption, improve air quality, and manage our natural resources, including drinking water and stormwater.

    Environment Management System (EMS) 

    An environmental management system is being developed that incorporates the elements of the international ISO 14001 Standards. In addition, through partnerships with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) and Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI), CMS has access to EMS coaches, regional ISO EMS experts, mentors, training and general developmental support.

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