Water Quality Testing Program

  • In 2017, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) launched a proactive water quality program to protect students' and staff's health and safety and ensure learning and teaching in a safe environment in school, not in response to any specific condition or issue. Our goal is to test water quality in all schools.

    Six states — Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York and Virginia — have required school districts to test for lead. North Carolina has not required the testing at this time.

    Parents are notified before testing at the schools. In addition, parents will be notified should any conditions be found that experts advise may pose serious concerns related to the health or safety of students and staff.

    Testing in elementary schools was completed first. Where corrections have been made, they were related to specific fixtures, not the general water supply of any school.

    Connect-5 Message

    The following is a copy of the Connect-5 that went out regarding the Water Testing Program:

    Good evening. This is a message from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. As part of our commitment to providing safe, healthy environments, the district will continue its voluntary water testing that began in the spring. We don’t expect to find significant water-quality issues but we are being proactive to ensure that the water in our pipes, faucets and water fountains is clean and safe. We will conduct water testing at 35 sites beginning Sept. 24 and ending Nov. 14. Your student’s school is among the 35 being tested next. Testing will not disrupt classes; it will be done when students are not in the building. To see when your student’s school is scheduled for testing, you can visit our Water Quality Program on the CMS website or contact your student’s school. This testing is proactive and voluntary to ensure student and staff safety. We look forward to sharing results with you as they become available. You will receive a letter with additional details on the CMS Water Quality Program. Thank you for choosing CMS for your student.

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