• Licensure ensures that children in our school system are served by educators with the knowledge and skills to deliver a sound educational program. Licensure also ensures that educators complete the required on-going staff development activities to renew their teaching license.

    Employees of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are required by the North Carolina State Board of Education to hold an appropriate license for the subject, grade level, or assignment taught. It is important to note that licensure requirements are dictated by the state, and the Local Educational Agency (LEA) must comply with these regulations.

    If you completed an approved teacher education program(including programs based on Alternative Certification), and have not done so already, you are required to file your licensure application as soon as possible, by using the NCDPI Online Licensure System, which can be accessed at Please make sure to use a private personal email account when applying.

    Documents needed to apply for your North Carolina Teaching License are listed below:

    • Official transcript(s) for each degree earned, with a conferral of degree date. 
    • Copies of Score Reports for all required certification tests taken*
      *For educators who graduated September 1, 2019 or after, a successful edTPA or PPAT assessment
      will be required, along with content tests, in order to convert an initial license to a continuing professional license. You may be required to take test even if you have taken them in your state.  NCDPI will determine if your tests are comparable to NC test requirements.  If required to take a test, the appropriate tests should be taken at the first available opportunity", but no later than March of the first year of employment. For some core subject areas, the test will be required before you are eligible for a position.
    • Copy of other state license. Please be advised that a license in another state does not preclude you from having to obtain a North Carolina Teaching License and meeting North Carolina requirements.
    • Form V (completed and signed by Dean of Education or Certification Officer where Approved Education Program was completed). You need to have this form completed if you hold a Master’s degree in an area of licensure (this form is required in addition to official transcripts). You can also use this form if your out of state license is expired or if your out of state license has not been issued. Form V can be downloaded here : 
    • If Nationally Board Certified, include letter of verification from NBPTS.
    • If the program completed was based on Alternative Certification, a letter outlining the requirements and basis for the license must be provided.
    • Effectiveness data as measured by the evaluation system used in the state, including any growth measures included in the evaluation system. Documentation must be submitted/provided on how effectiveness was measured, i.e. link to information on how the state determines effectiveness or official letter from the state.
    • Form E or Form CE (If applicant has prior Teaching, Teacher Assistant K-12 experience, or Post-Secondary Experience). Form E and Form CE can be downloaded here:
    • Form NE (if applicant has relevant non-teaching experience that was at least 20 hours per week, form must be accompanied by an official job description). If Form NE is relevant, please inform your Licensure Case Manager, as the school system/Charter School would need to complete the Form RN, in order to recommend that experience and return the Form RN to you, before you can finalize your application. Form NE can be downloaded here:
    • Completion of Statement of Applicant and $100 service fee payable on-line. Please note that the processing fee is not refundable.
    • Access to the licensure management and application online system tutorials can be found here:
    • If you have any additional questions regarding the application process and must contact NCDPI/Licensure Section, the phone number is 919-716-1800.

    It is critical that you complete your licensure requirements promptly. 
    All Instructional employees who do not hold a valid NC Professional Educator's License (includes expired NC licenses), are paid at bachelor's level, beginning teacher pay scale until the license is issued by the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI). Once NCDPI has approved and issued your license, a salary adjustment will be made to place you at the degree level and years of experience on your license. Pay is retroactive to your start date or effective date of the license. (Note: Degrees or Experience filed with NCDPI after April 1, will not be considered for retroactive payment for current school year.) Most educators who hold a valid NC license are paid at the degree level and years of experience currently on the license.  

    ***For teaching areas only- Based on current North Carolina graduate pay policy, in order for NCDPI to approve compensation at the advanced level, at least one course towards the advanced degree must have been completed by August 1, 2013, and be relevant to the subject area you will be teaching.***