• Elementary Physical Education

    The approved curriculum for Grades K-5 is DynamicPE ASAP and OPEN PhysEd

    North Carolina DPI K-8 Healthy Active Children Policy 

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools offers quality physical education for all students enrolled in our schools. We hold firm to the belief that students who are afforded the opportunity to move, play, and exercise throughout the school day improves their ability to concentrate, reduces disruptive behaviors, and helps improve academic performance.  There are several key pieces of legislation and local School Board policies which are followed with regard to our elementary physical education programs, as well as recess.

    Statement of Law: It is a duty of teachers in North Carolina to promote the health of all pupils, especially of children in the first three grades, by providing frequent periods of recreation, to supervise the play activities during recess, and to encourage wholesome exercises for all children. 

    ​NC Healthy Active Childrens Policy: Policy ID Number: HSP-S-000

    • Structured/unstructured recess and other physical activity (such as, but not limited to, physical activity time, physical education or intramurals) shall not be taken away from students as a form of punishment. In addition, severe and/or inappropriate exercise may not be used as a form of punishment for students.

    • A minimum of 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity shall be provided by schools for all K-8 students daily. This requirement can be achieved through a regular physical education class and/or through activities such as recess, dance, classroom energizers, or other curriculum-based physical education activity programs. However, such use of this time should complement and not substitute for the physical education program.

    • The physical activity required must involve physical exertion of at least a moderate to vigorous intensity and for a duration sufficient to provide a significant health benefit to students.​        

    Physical Education Teachers will also create a positive environment for physical activity:

    • Physical activity will not be used as a form of punishment.
    • Opportunities for physical activity (e.g. recess, physical education) will not be withheld as a form of discipline, except in the case of a brief timeout for misbehavior occurring during physical activity.
    • The above two guidelines do not apply to extracurricular sports teams.
    • Recess/physical activity time will not be cancelled for instructional make-up time.
    • All schools in the district will provide a physical and social environment that encourages safe and enjoyable activity for all students, including those who are not athletically inclined.
    • Information will be provided to families to help them incorporate physical activity into their children’s lives