• Physical Education is a required course of instruction in grades 6-9.

    Best Practice Curriculum maps can be found at DynamicPE ASAP and OPEN PhysEd

    The "Basic Education Program" (BEP) for the State of North Carolina includes physical education as a curricular component of instruction to be provided for all students. The physical education curriculum consists of a common core of knowledge and skills that all children should have when they graduate from high school.

    Elective Physical Education Courses Offered in Grades 10-12

    The following courses are offered to students enrolled in grades 10-12:

    • Strength and Conditioning
    • Group Fitness
    • Cardio and Core Conditioning
    • Lifetime Sports
    • Team Sports
    • Sports Medicine I & II
    • Unified PE
    • eFit
    • Strategies in Sports Officiating 
    • Adapted Physical Education is offered to any student in need of services.

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