Total Number of Schools

  • Number of Schools in Charlotte-Mecklenburg 2023-24


    Elementary Schools and K-6 Montessori Schools for 2023-24

    102 Schools

    (Including two new schools: Grove Park Elementary School and Esperanza Global Academy)


    Middle Schools and K-8 Schools for 2023-24

    44 Schools


    High Schools and Special High School Programs for 2023-24

    34 Schools

    (Including two new schools: Central Piedmont Early College and Elbert Edwin Waddell High School)


    Special Programs/Schools

    4 Special Program Sites

    (Metro School; Charlotte-Mecklenburg Academy; Turning Point Academy; Turning Point Middle School)


    Total Number of Schools – 184*


    *Schools with multiple levels are counted at their highest grade level. For example, Northwest School of the Arts is counted in the high school category although it includes grades 6-12. It is not included in the middle school total count.


    NOTE 1: Performance Learning Center will no longer operate as a separate school and is not included in this count.

    NOTE 2: Due to clarifying school categories from previous years, 2023-24 counts will differ by category from 2022-23 while the total number of schools only changed with the opening and closing of schools.


    Total Schools for Previous Years: