A new high school is being built on 12218 North Community House Road to relieve overcrowding at Ardrey Kell, Myers Park, and South Meck. The school is scheduled to open in the 2024-25 school year.  

    As feedback has been received in Phase I regarding boundary scenarios for the new Ardrey Kell/Myers Park/South Mecklenburg relief high school, progress toward securing a south county relief middle school site has also been made.  This new middle school will relieve overcrowding at Community House, Jay M. Robinson, and Rea Farms. The earliest the new middle school will open is the 2025-26 school year.  Additionally, the expanded scope will also include potentially impacted elementary school boundaries in the southern region of the county in Phase II of this boundary process. 

    To fully incorporate all students potentially impacted in the south county area, the boundaries and expanded scope for Phase II of this process, as well as to allow a focus on Phase II of the Comprehensive Review, the boundary decision was moved from Feb. 2023 to June 2023.   

    The Planning Department will continue to work closely with CMS leaders and a community workgroup to prepare scenarios to share with the impacted communities for public feedback sessions. The community workgroup consists of parents representing the elementary, middle, and high schools potentially impacted by this decision.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why do we need new schools and new attendance boundaries?

  • Q: How are boundaries decided?

  • Q: When will the new school boundaries be announced?

  • Q: Which schools will be impacted?

  • Q: Which students and grades will be affected?

  • Q: What if I have a child in 12th grade in the 2024-25 school year but another child in 10th grade?

  • Q: What if I am reassigned to a different school but want to stay at my current school?

  • Q: What is the process to verify the address of students who live outside Mecklenburg county attending a CMS high school?

  • Q: How are you accounting for the new development and growth in the area?

  • Q: Will transportation be provided for all students?

  • Q: What will the hours and bell schedules for the new schools be?

  • Q: How does the bell schedule affect sports with other schools, or do they align bell schedules with those in the same division?

  • Q: Will student parking be available, and how will it be assigned?

  • Q: What is the timeline and process for hiring a principal, assistant principal, athletic director, and additional support staff such as nurses, counselors, and social workers?

  • Q: What will be the curriculum and programming at the new school?

  • Q: If my student is on a certain track, such as IB or automotive, and they are reassigned schools, can they continue their academic track?

  • Q: Which extracurricular and club activities would be offered at the new school, will it be consistent with existing high schools?

  • Q: What sports will be offered at the new schools?

  • Q: How can I stay involved to make the new schools successful?

  • Do you have additional questions or feedback?