Student Outcomes Focused Governance Reports

  • Student Outcomes Focused Governance (SOFG) is a framework for keeping a school board and a school district’s staff focused on the academic performance of students.  The framework revolves around a set of specific goals the Board has asked the Superintendent and CMS staff to achieve, accompanied by annual targets.  These goals reflect the vision and values of our community.

    Goals and Guardrails 2024Goals and Guardrails 2024Goals and Guardrails 2024

    The Board receives a progress update on one of its goals at each of its public meetings of the full Board.  
    These progress monitoring reports include a status update toward an annual target, a review of strategies being implemented in pursuit of the annual target, and in instances, requests of the Board to aid staff in attaining the Board’s overall goal. 

    Below are the Progress Monitoring Reports shared with the Board to date.