• What relation are you to the student?


    To register a student, you must be the parent, legal guardian, or DSS placement. If none of these apply, a Hardship Caregiver is required. 

    The hardship caregiver is only valid for one school year, and it must be renewed every year the student is registered and living with the caregiver


    Need to find a notary?  Click here to find a notary public. 


    Prior to submission, the completed application must be notarized by a North Carolina (NC) public notary. 

    To schedule an appointment, contact:Phone:  (980) 343-5335 Email: cmshardshipcaregiver@cms.k12.nc.us 


    NOTE:  A notarized statement does not constitute legal guardianship in the state of North Carolina. 
    NOTA: Una carta notarizada no constituye custodia legal en el estado de Carolina del Norte. 

    Downloadable Parent Affidavit

    Please use this form in the event you are a biological parent looking to enroll a student and are not on the birth certificate.


    Downloadable Hardship Caregiver applications