When to Evacuate

  • Typically, passengers are safer inside the bus. For a normal breakdown, the students should be kept inside the bus. A careful, organized and orderly evacuation of the school bus is needed in the following situations:

    If the bus is located where there is a high risk of a collision, such as:

    • Near a blind curve.
    • Just over the crest of a hill.
    • On a railroad track.


    There is some danger that threatens the passengers, such as

    • Fire or something threatens the passengers, such as smoke in any part of the bus.
    • The danger of being submerged in water.
    • The bus has rolled or tipped over.
    • The bus is in danger of rolling or tipping over.

    Student reminders during an Emergency Evacuation

    • Listen to the driver's instructions for the correct exit.
    • Be calm, quiet and don't panic.
    • Leave your belongings behind.
    • Exit seat by seat in alternating rows.
    • Leave the bus quickly without pushing or shouting.
    • Walk to a safe place and stay together.
  • Evacuation Procedure