Transportation Forms

  • 20232024 Transportation Forms All requests take 3 to 5 business days to complete once submitted. Please call 980.343.6715 with any questions.

    Parents & Families - To request bus service, please follow the steps below:

    Step 1.) Click on the following link to create your AlphaPortal Account (you request transportation, alternate stops, and unsafe stops in this account).

    Step 2.)  Add your student(s) to the account.

    Step 3.) Make your request for service, and you will be notified once the request is complete (email or text whichever you select).  

    (The 2023-2024 Alternate Stop Request Form may take several weeks to process Alternate Stop requests.) 



Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I receive my child’s bus stop assignment information?

  • Who do I call if the school assignment on my child's bus schedule is not correct?

  • Are parents and/or authorized persons required to accompany a Pre-K student at a bus stop?

  • My child left a coat (glasses, instrument, retainer, books) on the bus. How do they get it back?

  • The bus didn't show up on time for my child. How long should they wait at the stop?

  • Why are buses sometimes late?

  • I want to buy a used surplus school bus, who do I contact?