Student Teaching

  • We are excited that you are considering student teaching in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools! Student teaching is the capstone experience of any teacher preparation program. Student teachers in CMS gain practical, hands-on experience through classroom and professional development activities working in an environment unsurpassed elsewhere.

    With the guidance of your cooperating teacher, student teachers will improve their instructional strategies, assessment practices, and classroom management skills. Cooperating teachers and school administrators are key figures in making student teachers feel welcome in our schools. The student teachers in CMS are warmly welcomed at their placement sites, enhancing their feeling of being accepted as a member of the professional staff.

    The CMS Talent Acquisition Team works collaboratively with local colleges and universities to provide aspiring teachers with a field placement as well as support and guidance through the final stages of the traditional teacher certification process.

    Our school district also works with field placements for internships in student support services, including school social workers, school psychologists, physical therapists, and speech-language pathologists.

    In order to provide more insight into the process, we have created a Handbook for Student Teachers and Interns. Prospective student teachers and interns, and prospective colleges and universities can review this information. In addition, the handbook covers requirements and responsibilities for both student teachers/interns and cooperating teachers/supervisors.

    If you are with a School of Education, contact us at to ensure you have a MOU on file as a partner school.

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    If you have additional questions or if you are with a School of Education to ensure you have a MOU on file as a partner school. 

Addtional Student Teacher Information

  • CMS Application for Student Teachers/Interns