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Severe Weather

  • Cancellation, Delay, and Early Dismissal

    The safety of students and staff is our first concern when deciding if schools must be opened later, closed or closed early because of weather conditions. Here are some important points to remember:

    • The decision to close schools will be made no later than 5:30 a.m. When possible, the decision will be made earlier.
    • Senate Bill 671, which the Governor signed into law on Friday, July 8, 2022, allows for the permanent option for public school units to use a limited number of remote instruction days, rather than closing for inclement weather or other emergencies. More information regarding when and how CMS will exercise this option will be provided after the start of the school year.
    • CMS also has the option of operating with a two-hour delay. Each principal will develop a modified bell schedule that begins two hours later than normal and ends at the regularly scheduled time.
    • Announcements about changes in school schedules will be delivered through the CMS parent notification system, social media platforms, mobile app and website. You can also tune into area radio and television stations.
    • Do not call individual schools or the news media. Generally, all CMS schools will be affected by the decision, not just schools in the area(s) of the county where weather conditions are most severe.
    • If no announcement is made, then schools will operate on a normal schedule.

    Weather conditions sometimes worsen during the day after children have arrived at school. If early dismissal of schools is necessary, information will be announced through the CMS parent notification system, local radio and television stations and CMS web and social media sites. Whenever school has been canceled or will be dismissed early, CMS will provide information about all activities for students, including CMS after-school activities and After-School Enrichment Programs (ASEP).

    Any required make-up days will occur as determined by the CMS academic calendar. Make-up days are used in the order shown on the calendar. Visit our website and click on Calendars to access the CMS academic calendar for this school year.

    Inclement Weather During the Instructional Day
    Mecklenburg County may experience severe weather in one part of the County while another area is not. Principals are given a certain amount of latitude in implementing their plans when severe weather situations occur while school is in session. The staff at each school monitor weather conditions via a NOAA weather radio, through media outlets and weather apps, and visually observe conditions outside to make a determination as to whether implementing “full” tornado safety procedures are warranted.

    Each school campus identifies locations as tornado / severe weather shelter areas.
    Typical locations are hallways, classrooms, or interior rooms away from outside windows.

    During tornado “warnings” the plan is for students to assume the “duck and cover” position.
    Mobile Classrooms - If weather conditions are severe outside the main building(s) with lightning, hail, etc., then sheltering in place within the mobile classrooms are appropriate rather than attempting to move the students into the physical building(s).

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