Dress Code and Uniforms

  • Policy S-DRES: Student Dress

    Extreme styles in clothing and grooming may be detrimental to the maintenance of discipline, student safety, and morale in school. Student dress or grooming that is substantially and materially disruptive to the learning environment or to student health or safety is prohibited. The Superintendent or his/her designee may establish rules regarding proper dress and grooming that are applicable to all students. Each CMS school shall construct a local dress code and/or uniform policy for their school. The policy shall be established by the principal in consultation with the faculty, local school parent groups and students. The local school dress code or uniform policy shall be as follows: clearly defined, not gender specific, and support school and district objectives.

    For rules regarding implementing a student uniform program at a particular school, see Policy S-UNI, “School Uniforms.”

    PLEASE NOTE: All dress code guidelines apply to regular school days, as well as any special events, such as graduation ceremonies and prom.

    Policy S-UNI: School Uniforms

    With the approval of the Superintendent, schools may implement plans in which students are required to wear uniforms at school during the regular school day. The purpose of such programs is to allow students to focus on instructional objectives of the school, favorably impact student attitude, promote harmony among students, increase safety, and enhance the image of the schools. Uniform plans adopted by schools shall not prohibit students from wearing particular attire that is part of their religious practice or from wearing or displaying items that do not contribute to disruption or interfere with discipline or the rights of others. Additionally, students must have the right to dress in accordance with their gender identity, within the constraints of the school uniform requirements adopted by the school.

    The Superintendent is directed to develop regulations to implement this policy, which shall include details of how schools are to develop uniform plans, guidelines for permissible types of uniforms, and the process by which such plans shall be approved by the Superintendent.

    Regulation S-UNI/R may be accessed online at goo.gl/xbTVdh