• Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools furnishes student textbooks. Schools provide textbooks on loan to students. Textbooks are issued to studentsat the beginning of the year or upon enrollment. Students are responsible for the textbooks issued to them.

    Students are expected to return textbooks in good condition, allowing for wear occurring from normal use. Textbooks are to be returned at the end of the school year or when a student withdraws from school. Fees will be charged for books not returned, lost and/or damaged.

    CMS is committed to providing the necessary textbooks and resources for all CMS-approved courses. Having textbooks that align with the instructional program is an inherent component of the teaching and learning process. Equally important is the expectation that students and parents will be accountable for textbooks issued during the school year.

    Schools can recognize significant savings with an improved reimbursement procedure for lost and damaged textbooks. To help address our community’s high expectations and to meet CMS goals, we continue to develop more effective and efficient operations and to educate students to show responsibility and have respect for property.

    Your child’s school needs your cooperation in ensuring that students return textbooks in good condition at the end of the school year or when withdrawing. Students who lose or damage textbooks will be required to reimburse CMS. All delinquent accounts will be monitored and tracked throughout a student’s academic career.

    Additionally, please note that delinquent accounts are subject to the following:

    1. Letter to be mailed to parents indicating fees owed
    2. Information regarding fee owed will be placed in the student’s record and accrue over the students time in CMS
    3. Parents will be required to pick up their student’s class schedule from school
    4. Diplomas will be held for students owing fees until delinquent fee is paid
    5. A student’s participation in non-required field trips may be limited. A student’s participation in graduation or promotion ceremonies will be denied
    6. A student’s report card may be held as determined by the Principal in accordance with Board Policy A-APR
    7. Delinquent fee information for students who withdraw from one school site will be forwarded to the new CMS school site
    8. Only information necessary for grade or course registration will be sent for students who withdraw and enroll in another school system

    If you have questions about the fee schedule for lost or damaged textbooks, the textbook contact at your school will be willing to assist you.