Learning Immersion / Talent Development (LI/TD)

  • Our district offers the Learning Immersion/Talent Development (LI/TD) magnet theme at the elementary level at six schools.

    The LI/TD theme is designed to provide gifted and advanced learners with an appropriately challenging learning environment focused on best practices for gifted education.

    The Learning Immersion (LI) program is designed to nurture academic potential and develop the talents of students in grades K-5. The Talent Development (TD) program serves gifted students in third-fifth grades with rigorous instruction. AIG students in the TD program at a LI/TD magnet school have automatic continuation into an IB middle school within their transportation zone. In addition, the program embraces the 4Es- explore, empower, enrich, and engage. 

    • Explore all students' interests, gifts, and talents through LI/TD Enrichment Electives and learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.
    • Empower all students through a rigorous curriculum and higher-level instruction based on best practices of gifted education.
    • Enrich learning experiences for all students by infusing innovation, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving.
    • Engage all students with meaningful, authentic, collaborative experiences that foster a love for learning and academic, social, and emotional growth.

    Curriculum & Instruction

    • Gifted resources and strategies are incorporated into daily instruction
    • Emphasis on critical and creative thinking
    • Adjusted pacing/compacted curriculum
    • Shared inquiry discussions

    Enrichment Electives

    • Opportunities to participate in interest-based LI/TD Enrichment Electives

    Specialized Staff & Support

    • Supported by LI/TD Magnet Coordinator and AIG Teacher
    • Ongoing professional development in gifted instructional strategies, social and emotional supports, and curriculum for teachers

Contact Us

  • Lisa Pagano
    AIG & Talent Development District Lead Teacher