Credit by Demonstrated Mastery

  • Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (grades 6-12)

    Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) is an option that allows students to demonstrate mastery and receive credit for a course by taking an assessment demonstrating proficiency by achieving the designated scale score or percent as established by NCDPI, and then completing an artifact reflecting content mastery.  CDM is only available for standard-level courses.  CDM credits are awarded as a pass/fail grade and therefore do not impact grade point averages. 

    Access to the Credit by Demonstrated Mastery process is open to all NC public school students for high school courses in grades 9-12 and those high school courses offered in middle school that a district chooses to offer.

    While the CDM process is open to all students, it is not for whole groups of students. It is not intended to replace the general accelerated pathways local school districts often provide advanced students. Instead, it is designed to provide an opportunity for an individual student who has an exceptional mastery of course content prior to taking a course and who wishes to earn credit and move on to another course that is a better use of their time for learning.

    “Mastery” is defined as a student’s command of course material at a level that demonstrates a deep understanding of the content standards and application of knowledge.

    If a student chooses to participate in CDM for a course and successfully meets the assessment score and demonstrates mastery on completed artifacts, credit will be provided for the upcoming semester. 

    The CDM process starts with a conversation with the student’s counselor.  Please make sure that this has occurred prior to applying.

    Application for Summer 2024 Window 

    May 1-31, 2024

    Students who wish to participate in the CDM process during Spring 2024 need to submit a completed application no later than May 31, 2024.  

    Please click on the CDM One-Pager for process guidelines, FAQ, and the link to the application form.

    Once the application window closes, the summer CDM team will work to develop a testing plan.  Information will be emailed by the end of June to let you know the specific testing dates.  You must be present on the testing days.  Given the short window to complete the summer CDM process and ensure time to adjust schedules for SY 24-25, there will not be any adjustments to the testing schedule to accommodate other commitments.


    CDM Testing Windows for 2023-2024 School Year


    Application Window

    Phase 1 Testing Window

    Fall 2023

    August 1-31,2023

    September 18-29, 2023

    Spring 2024

    January 1-31, 2024

    February 16-29, 2024

    Summer 2024

    May 1-31, 2024

    July 18-31, 2024


    If you need additional information, please contact the CMS District CDM Contact, Amanda Aycoth, For questions about CTE CDM, contact Meghan Pope,