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    The primary purpose of public school facilities is to provide quality educational environments conducive to the learning of the students they serve. It is the policy of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education to encourage the use of school buildings and grounds by the community for educational, recreational, civic and cultural activities to the extent possible under public school laws and regulations.

    Accordingly, community use of school buildings and grounds for educational, recreational, civic and cultural activities shall be permitted so long as such use does not conflict with the use of public school buildings and grounds for public school purposes and activities, with state and federal laws, with local ordinances or with the proper care and maintenance of school facilities and grounds.  

    In no case may the use of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (“CMS”) facilities by community groups or organizations interfere in any manner with the operation of the school or endanger school personnel, students or the public at large.

    Individuals or informal groups of citizens who wish to use CMS outdoor facilities that are not secured against public access, such as outdoor basketball and tennis courts and tracks, for informal, leisurely activities are not subject to these regulations.  However, the casual use of CMS facilities by such groups is permitted only when the facilities are not otherwise rented by other groups.

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